Family trip to Sekinchan

30th-31st January 2016

My favourite saying is “It is not where you go that matters, it is who you are with that matters”. And this family trip to Sekinchan was exactly it.

Throughout the weekend, there were big smiles on everyone’s faces and laughter so loud I think the other side of KL could have heard us!

My cousin (Jun Yi) and I really wanted to get the entire family together for a holiday, and I mean ENTIRE (all my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents came along). We had to choose somewhere near enough so that my grandparents could join us.

The best solution was Sekinchan  – the outskirts of KL surrounded by acres of paddy fields, birds nest buildings and fishing villages.


Paddy fields’ soil being rejuvenated by growing grass. This is basically a form of crop rotation with the purpose of improving the nutrients of the soil

Sekinchan – named “Land of Plenty” by the locals because Sekinchan is made up of acres and acres of paddy fields and a fishing village, which has AMAZING seafood btw. One of their most popular dishes is shark fin porridge.

Sekinchan is divided into 4 main areas – Site A, B, C, and Bagan. This was done back in 1953 to separate the villagers from the Malayan Communist Party Insurgents. If you’re interested in the history of the Sekinchan village, this article is pretty easy reading.


The rice lost bit of its head because that is the bran that has been removed from the rice to make Embryo Rice

I highly recommend visiting the rice factory (only RM 5 and you get a little packet of rice as a souvenir).

3 of the many interesting things I learnt from the rice factory are:

  • Embryo rice –  It is a type of rice with the bran removed. It is perfect for people with digestion issues 🙂
  • Natural yam flavoured rice –  it actually exists without any added substance. Amazing!
  • The rice husk is then sent to orchards and farms to be used as natural fertiliser – No wastage! Love it!

Sekinchan is perfect for a short escape from the hustle and bustle and to reconnect with nature. My favourite part was an early morning walk along the paddy fields and river bank with my dad and sis.

We saw farmers working in the paddy fields and planting plants such as coconut trees, lady fingers, pomelo (inedible, hard ones) and nangka (jackfruit) to nourish the soil. When we were in Sekinchan, it wasn’t harvesting period so the farmers were growing these plants along the river bank and the paddy fields were filled with grass so that the paddy field soil has a chance to “rest” 🙂

One of my Papa’s dreams was achieved – taking his parents on a road trip. Even got my grandpa, Yeye to the beach. Overall, it was a successful holiday and many more memories made 😀

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Papa and Yeye (grandpa) on Pantai Redang

Mission accomplished!!