Easy short crust pastry recipe

[Recipe & Tips] Crumbly and Buttery Short Crust Pastry

18 January 2016 – Cooking fiesta with grandma

During my holiday back in Malaysia, my sis and I listed down a list of dishes we MUST learn from our grandma and her short crust pastry was top on the list 😀

Rule of thumb for yummy short crust pastry – 2 flour : 1 fat

(Fat includes butter, lard, vegetable fat, margarine – but I highly discourage margarine and vegetable fat as it is too high in omega 6 and not good for cardiovascular health)

Let’s not complicate things. Short crust pastry is relatively easy to make as long as you do not over knead, use cool water and cool hands and basically treat the fat and flour mixture with lots of TLC! ❤


  • 2 flour : 1 fat
(I used 500g flour and 250g fat for 1 big pie and 1 medium pie – sorry didn’t measure)


(1) Rub the fat into the flour, using the tips of your fingers, to create a mixture that resembles breadcrumbs. See Image 3.

(2) Gradually add cool water to bind the flour mixture and form a dough.

(3) Knead the dough gently until the dough is malleable, soft but not wet.

(4) Wrap the dough up in cling wrap and refrigerate for 30-60 minutes.

(5) On a lightly floured surface, roll the dough to desired shape and thickness.

(6) Bake at 180 degrees celsius for 30 mins or golden brown.

What to do with pastry:

  • Tarts (sweet/savoury)
  • Pies  (sweet/savoury)



Tip 1: For light and crumbly pastry – Gentle fingers when rubbing the fat into the flour. It should look like breadcrumbs.

Tip 2: For light and crumbly pastry –Make sure your hands and the bench top are cool. Use cold/cool water to bind the flour mixture to make a dough.


After rubbing the fat into the flour, this is what it should look like – bread crumbs. See Step 1

Tip 3: For equal cooking time – Put a layer of pastry on the rim of the dish to keep the cooking time the same for the entire pastry. It also easier to manage the aesthetics of the pastry on top later.

Tip 4: For light, buttery pastry (not rock hard) – Don’t over-knead your pastry!!


Before laying the pastry on top, we cover the rim of the dish with some pastry to keep the cooking time of the pastry the same. The rim of the dish is slightly higher than the other parts of the pastry and has no contact with the moist apple mixture so we need it thicker to prevent over cooking the pastry.

Tip 5: For aesthetics – Use a sharp scissors to make little snippets around the rim of the pastry (looks prettier but you can use a fork to make line shapes on the rim of the pastry). Use a knife to make small “cuts” around the edges of the pastry (looks rustic). Use the leftover pastry to make different shapes like roses, leaves and christmas mistletoes.


Happy baking!! Remember to eat in moderation 😉


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