homemade pineapple jam recipe

[Recipe] Pineapple Jam

This jam is super versatile – you can have it on toast, cake, make it into a slice or even better, pineapple tarts! The preparation time is about 7 -10 minutes (depending on how fast you are at cutting pineapples) and the cooking time is about 1.5-2 hours. Don’t try increasing the heat of the jam because it’s not gonna speed things up! 😀

The macerating process is a crucial step to extract the juice out of the fruit and to sweeten the fruit. After Step 1, the bowl will contain juice from the pineapple – it’s completely normal. I usually macerate my fruits overnight but if you only have a few hours (3-4 hours) at hand, that will be fine too. The more juice extracted from the macerating process, the faster the cooking process 😉


the plastic sheet in the picture, we do that to maintain the freshness of the jam. It prevents any air to enter the bottle, which could potentially spoil the jam. You can do this with your homemade sauces, spreads, pastes etc. My grandma taught us all to do this, so you probably should do it too ❤



  • 2 ripe pineapples, chopped finely
  • 200g sugar


  1. Macerate the pineapple and sugar in a large bowl
  2. Cook the macerated pineapple (without the excess juice) in a pot, on medium heat, until soft. Stir continously
  3. Add the juice from the macerated stage into the pot if the pineapple jam is drying up, on low heat
  4. Remove from stove and set aside to cool
  5. Bottle the pineapple jam in clean, air tight jars


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