apam balik recipe: malaysian peanut pancake

A trip down memory lane: Apam balik

Apam balik is Malaysian peanut pancake filled with crushed peanuts, sprinkles of sugar and sometimes, creamed corn. It goes by various names such as Jing Loong Pau, Ban Jian Kuih and Martabak Manis. It’s one my absolutely favourite Malaysian street food and it is to-die-for. It comes in 2 ways – 1) thin, crispy and buttery and 2) thick, fluffy and chewy.

You know how there are some foods that you might have seen your dad eating when you were a kid and you get so tempted to try it and automatically love it too? This is my “dad loves it, I’ll love it too” food 😀 When I was younger, I also grew to like the taste of celery because my grandma, mama, loved it. Hm… that didn’t last very long though. Ooops!


Anywaaay.. Everytime I go back to Malaysia, I always make a trip back to this apam balik stall that I have been going since I was 6. My cousins all live in the area of Bandar Sungai Long and we like to go to the night market (pasar malam) that is on every Tuesday night. After so many years, this stall never changed. Exactly 2 pans, 1 can of peanuts, 1 can of sugar and exactly same roles split between the husband and wife. And exactly spot on every time 😉 The stall owner and I always have a good laugh about how I never fail to go back to her stall at least once. Our conversation is always the same and here is how it goes (in Mandarin):

Me: I’m back!

Owner: You’re the one who moved to Australia and back again for holidays?

Me: Yes, that’s me. I’m back for my favourite snacks I can never get over. I love it.

Owner: You’ve been coming here since you were a small little girl. Hope to see you again.

I’m serious.. That has always been the extent of our conversation and will probably remain this way hahaha





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