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Inspiration behind Generation Kitchen (GK)

Hi everyone, I’m so excited to have you come by my page! I’m Alyssa and my goal is to empower more people to take charge of their health yet be able to enjoy authentic yummy foods and share my family tips in the kitchen. They were passed down from my grandparents to my parents and now to me and you.

The inspiration behind Generation Kitchen is to honour my dads, one who’s a chef specialising in Italian cuisine and the other who loves taking photos of food and my grandmothers and mothers who are really amazing self-taught cooks. They have shared so much about food with me and taught me to value fresh produce from a very young age. Being Chinese Malaysian, my recipes will naturally tend towards more asian cooking but I also enjoy other cuisines. I will be replicating my family recipes with superfoods and also incorporating my health and nutrition knowledge. I know I know.. They always say “never change grandma’s recipes” but I want to show that authenticity can be maintained whilst being healthy. Hey, I gotta put my touch on the recipes too 😉 

Listen to you heart and your soul. Because it's telling you what you're born for.

Listen to you heart and your soul. Because it’s telling you what you’re born for.

My cooking journey began as a kid, playing “masak masak” (pretend cooking with toys in Bahasa Melayu) and cutting veges for my grandmother while she does the actual cooking. I felt like the head chef. As I got older, my cousin and I would experiment in the kitchen and everyone else would be the “tasters” and my sister, our official food critic. Of course, everyone said it was delicious even when we served burnt fries. Slowly, I moved onto bigger things. I accompanied my grandmothers early in the morning to the wet market to buy fresh produce (and trust me, only the freshest whether it means walking from one end to the other!) which we would then use to cook dishes. Oh, the funny and heartfelt stories they would tell me about their own childhood stories! 


Later on, I started seeing that a lot of the sufferings due to chronic degenerative diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes etc were caused by poor food choices and health information. After some substantial reading and self-experimenting, I have decided that I want to spread the word about good health and good food. I may not be able to help everyone but I can help someone. So, this is my story so far..

In a nutshell, Generation Kitchen was created to share what I really love – my big, close knit family, health & wellness and food! 

FullSizeRender (1)This project has been on my mind for a LONG LONG time. It has taken me a year just to come up with a name that I’m happy with. I haven’t quite decided where exactly I’m heading with this yet but this is what I’m passionate about and I’m gonna keep working towards it. I hope you will be inspired to take charge of your health and still enjoy authentic, yummy foods. You’ll also often see ‘Go beyond societal norms. Read, research, think again!’ that’s because Generation Kitchen is also about debunking true health 😀

“I don’t think it ever works to tell people what they can’t eat. They can only do it for so long, and then they fall off. You have to bring them into a new relationship with food”

– Alice Water, chef, restauranteur, activist & author

Thank you for your support!! Do let me know if there are dishes/cuisines/diets you like to see more of or maybe would like to be featured on Generation Kitchen. I wanna know, what is your story?


Generation Kitchen


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